I love a good fashion fad just as much as any other retail junkie. However, there is no telling how long my summer purchases of neon statement pieces and high-low dresses will stay relevant in the fashion world. On the contrary, there are some styles and components which hold a permanent place in my closet, from season to season, due to their timeless and enduring appeal: the button-down oxford, dainty ballet flats and everything striped and polka-dotted. This week’s Fashionista flaunts her take on an integrative summertime ensemble through her classic prepster approach, accompanied by current trends.

The featured summer student looks picture perfect from head to toe in her prep-inspired outfit. She sticks with classic silhouettes and colors for her foundation. She does so with a pair of khaki high-waisted shorts complete with a matching bow knotted belt and a tailored, sleeveless button-down blouse in navy. The layering of these lasting go-to items continues on with accessory and shoe choices; an understated white leather cross-body bag along with navy and ivory striped ballet flats. Despite this Fashionista’s ode to the classics in her preppy ensemble, she also manages to seamlessly work in some of this season’s most favorite trends. With navy framed sunglasses and a noteworthy necklace in color popping turquoise and coral, she keeps her look fresh and unique.

This summer continue to model your most adored classic pieces from over the years, but keep it current by incorporating trends reminiscent of this season. Choose a neon orange oxford in place of your white one for your next summer outing or opt for brightly hued statement cuffs in place of your oversized gold watch. With your prepster pieces you can be fully “prepped” to embrace the ageless practice of something old and something new this summer.

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