This past week has been the hottest few days in a long time in California! The heat can cause many Fashionistas to hide in an air-conditioned house. There are few brave souls who have decided to try and function in this horrible heat.

Looking stylish without sweating off every piece of clothing can be a difficult task to overcome. The basic T-shirt with Nike running shorts and rainbow flip flops is my usual go-to outfit when I am just too hot to even try to look cute. Sometimes there is a glimmer of hope to look stylish yet comfortable.

The key to making a comfortable outfit look more stylish can all be in the shoes. Ever seen TOMS shoes that are sequined? They are able to draw attention to the person wearing them and they will be remembered for their fabulous shoes.

This Fashionista had one of the greatest pairs of sandals that I have ever seen. They bring such a flare to her basic top. They are show-stoppers and bring attention to the Fashionista, which in turn makes any passerby then look at the lace detail of her top.

To get this look, start off by wearing something comfortable. Yes, looking cute is always a must, but also not passing out from heat exhaustion is necessary for your health. This Fashionista wore a sleeveless lace top and shorts. I personally do not look good in white clothing, so I would have worn a peach collared top. Collared shirts have become a fun way to look more sophisticated. Getting a necklace that looks just like a collar can transform any shirt.

Find a sandal that you feel great in. I love sandals that have a lot of straps on them so I know they wont fall off. To get the same Native American vibe that this Fashionista has, a sandal with beading would look fantastic.

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