STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Good Grief, Grab A Brief

It’s mid-summer and everyone is working at full-speed. I found this Fashionisto on his way to the subway. His confident strut revealed how comfortable he was in his outfit. The pieces to the ensemble he was sporting were each tailored to perfection.

The briefcase in his hand was what caught my eye as he approached. The black leather straps partnered with the red to create the perfect summer tote. Recently, I have seen a number of guys rocking totes and briefcases around the streets. It looks like the perfect size for everything you need for the day. A laptop, charger, notebook, pens, gum etc. A good tote is a great investment that won’t get your back sweaty like a backpack does.

His cuffed, soft-cotton shirt was an awesome choice for the hot day ahead. Summer has not been lacking heat this year. A lightweight, soft-cotton shirt will always be a smart decision. Cuffing sleeves is in style, and so is cuffing pant legs. This Fashionisto rocked both cuffs in his outfit. He had to of been cooler with the extra skin showing. His pant cuffs looked great with the brown leather shoes he had on. Summer has been full of leather.

This Fashionisto’s ensemble had a comfortable fit but strayed away from the overly casual look. Try looking for a tote to carry around your work supplies for a busy day that’s ahead. No one likes back sweat showing through the back of their shirt, so carry your bag in your hand rather than on your back.


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