Let’s face it, everyone loves T-shirts. They’re comfy, easy to clean and don’t make you feel self-conscious when you go all out on pizza during a late night study session. Most of all, the fact that graphic T-shirts are now in the high-fashion game makes them all the more appealing.

Being a ’90s kid I have an appreciation for things that make me reminisce my childhood.¬† So when I saw this Fashionista rocking a Lisa Frank graphic T-shirt, nostalgia threw me back to Saturday morning cartoons and juice boxes. Layered perfectly underneath a chambray shirt and infinity scarf, this graphic T-shirt displayed the perfect amount of color and edge. Complemented with leggings and a great pair of combat boots (the perfect fall shoe), this Fashionista demonstrated how the graphic T-shirt trend is to be done: tactfully. And that bracelet/watch combination? Gorgeous.

From runways to street style, graphic T-shirts are emerging from the woodwork, making sporty fashion the next big thing. Neither boring nor overbearing, this black ironic T-shirt is a great way to start utilizing T-shirts in your wardrobe. Rather than playing it safe and choosing a solid color, this Fashionista grabbed a shirt that adds flair to her ensemble. She subdues the neon graphics by placing it under a neutral shirt. This allows the outfit to blend instead of looking sloppy, creating the perfect fall getup.

The trick is to find a shirt that fits well and has a design that adds the “I’m more than a pajama shirt” feel to it. Surround the shirt with other current trends such as layering, leather or patterned pants to show your initiative in putting the outfit together. Start by raiding your closet for T-shirts that would work well with a skirt or trendy pant and if no luck, venture out and see if any stores offer a simple graphic T-shirt that floats your boat. Don’t force it, this look should be relaxed. Perhaps check out your parent’s selection for a vintage graphic T-shirt to throw in the mix.

Just remember, keep it trendy and keep it cute. By all means, do not think your workout shirt is applicable to this trend. Keep that in the drawer with your pizza eating sweatpants.

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