Being a Style Guru has made me realize the importance of fashion throughout the years. How one style defined an era, how the right person started a trend and how a place is defined by the fashion of their citizens.

Urban city means urban style and each Fashionista adds their unique twist. Today’s Fashionista I called grunge going chic; by wearing a simple black cami top with high-waisted lace shorts, combat boots, a Tory Burch tote and a gold watch she created something laid back with a girly touch. What caught my attention the most was the way she owned those combat boots by changing the regular laces to black ribbon. How feminine and smart way to own your accessories.

It is not only about mixing and matching pieces but is perfectly fine to add your own touch to an outfit. Be it changing the laces of your boots, adding some stones to your heels, cutting out a simple T-shirt or sewing cool buttons to a shirt.

As I mentioned in posts before, here in the city, boots are your feet’s best friends. Personally I never thought I would need leather boots or booties because of the intense hot weather, but the more I see street stylers wearing them the more I realize all the different looks they can be added to.

This outfit works for a Sunday afternoon to walk around the city. Not too urban to look messy and not too girly to look immature. If a little chilly wind unexpectedly arrives, an oversized denim jacket would be the perfect complement.

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