Recently I really wanted to slowly and carefully venture out into the world of prints. You might find this odd coming from someone who consistently gives style advice and challenges you to get out and try new things; however, I sometimes find myself terrified of trying out anything that doesn’t include black. If you’re anything like me then you’ll find comfort in what I have discovered on my road to the patterned world.

It all began when I ran into this week’s Fashionista wearing what is a classic pattern: Floral. Every spring millions of Fashionistas everywhere pull out their best floral frocks to begin a new season in full bloom. Being one of the most classic prints, starting here would be your best bet to have a successful outfit that doesn’t make you feel like a piece of post-modern art. What is wonderful about our Fashionista is how she takes three simple pieces and turns them into her own art movement.

Start off basic with a leotard or some sort of solid shirt like shown here. Continue following in her footsteps by throwing on summer ‘13’s best new pal: crochet shorts. Dainty yet interesting her, they are the perfect alternative to regular jean shorts as they look put-together while feeling like your favorite pajamas. The floral chiffon cardigan is where things really take off and throw us into the world of flowers and fringe. Half gran, half Miss Cleo cardigan changes the entire look taking it up to a dressier and more interesting level. Make sure the one you get has nice wide sleeves that make you feel like a Geisha (trust me its worth the investment). Since there is black in the background of the cardigan and black was chosen for her top, the pattern pops without clashing.

Her purse goes well with the rest of the outfit because the color ties the cardigan and the shoes together. Brown and pink, the cross body is the perfect style for a laid-back look that is perfectly exhibited by our Fashionista. Finish the look off with accessories that complement the pattern. For example here though she isn’t wearing a rose necklace or something that explicitly mimics the cardigan, the style of the necklace is similar to the gypsy-esque feel the robe has also. Here you can fuse a look together by using the accessories to bring the story full circle.

So if you’re itching to throw in a little fun in your wardrobe, just start off slowly incorporating classic styles with your already great pieces. A cardigan is a great way to finish off a look that you already feel comfortable wearing.

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