While hunting may be a controversial sport, the necessary apparel and gear can be equally fashionable as it is practical.  Although it may not be hunting season quite yet, you can never have too much practice.  This Fashionisto surely knows how to dress the part.  The hunter’s color scheme plays on neutrals, browns and that classic camouflage; take tips from this Fashionisto’s chocolate cords and sage green sweater.  Stick to light-weight fabrics like cotton for practice during the summer months.  Once the falls winds start blowing, add a Barbour waxed jacket or quilted vest for some extra warmth—layering is key!  As for the footwear, Bean Boots are the perfect fit; hunters and non-hunters alike will find that they’re extremely versatile shoes that can be worn for multiple occasions year-round.  Switch them out for tall Hunter rain boots in damper conditions.

Even though you want your clothing to blend in with nature for the most part, your accessories should be bright enough to make yourself visible to other hunters.  You can find all the cool neon accessories you need at L.L.Bean, including the vest pack, cap and polarized glasses that this Fashionisto so proudly sports.

If hunting isn’t the hobby for you, you can still take cues from the hunter’s style.  For a crisp summer night, keep the nature-inspired color palette while swapping the cords for khakis and the half-zip for a lighter sweater.  With the right gear and your trusty hunting dog by your side, you’ll be the best dressed hunter out there this upcoming season.

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