Everybody has those days where you simply cannot find anything to do with your hair. You try everything and it still has a way of looking horrible. Well this summer you do not need to worry about your horrific hair, just throw on a hat. Many are always hesitant to wear hats, but this summer they are so popular you should have not even the slightest hesitation. You will fit right in if you throw a hat on. A lot of Fashionistas are sporting the large straw hats and fedoras. A hat can give your outfit the special touch that it needs. Hats can also protect all of your gorgeous faces from that hot summer sun. You can be fashionable while also protecting your skin from those harsh sunrays.

I found this Fashionista strolling along the lake wearing an adorable hat that I could not miss. She had the perfect outfit on for a day around the lake. It was comfortable and cool for the hot day. This Fashionista told me that the humidity was just too much for her hair so she threw her favorite summer hat on to hide it. This hat was an adorable straw hat with a small black bow around the top. The hat matched perfectly with this Fashionista’s simple black romper. The romper had a cute eyelet print on it and was perfectly synched at the waist as to not make this Fashionista look boxy. Rompers are a must have this summer. You can find rompers in every color and print imaginable. You can dress a romper up or down. This Fashionista wore it casually, but could have easily dressed it up with some wedges and a cute necklace.

Besides the hat and romper this Fashionista paired a red cross-body bag and an adorable pair of gladiators to finish off the outfit. The red box bag was the perfect splash of color the outfit needed. Also the combination of red and black is a great one. The box style of the bag gave it that vintage feel. Lastly, her printed gladiators were amazing. The gladiators had a tribal feel to them. However, they were not to bold as to ruin the outfit. The subtle print and beads were another great choice on this Fashionista’s part. With all of the different styles this outfit could have gone bad very quickly. However, this Fashionista styled them together in perfect harmony.

This summer, whether you are relaxing by the lake or out for a day in the city, a hat would be a perfect choice. They are a fashionable excuse to hide your hair in the summer heat. Rompers are another must have this summer. They are easy to throw on because it is a shirt and shorts all in one. It makes picking out an outfit a lot quicker and easier. Both hats and rompers are a fashionable way to stay cool in this summer heat. Be creative and try bold prints and different styles. Who knows you could even be mistaken for a celebrity in disguise in one of your stylish summer hats!

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