The phrase “Mellow yellow” has never really made sense to me. Sure, it rhymes, but it doesn’t quite pinpoint the feeling of the color yellow. Other, more accurate words that come to my mind are: vibrant, playful, effervescent, intense, sparkling and vivacious. While  “Playful yellow” doesn’t make for a great advertising campaign to sell millions of sodas, it does describe how you will feel in a bold yellow dress like this Fashionista’s.

For a mid-morning coffee run, this Fashionista chose a bright yellow sundress with even more colorful sandals. Balancing the profusion of rainbow colors, she opted for a small navy Longchamp Le Pliage tote. With a sheer lace overlay that will keep you cool and the bold, in-your-face color, this dress will get you through the last few glorious weeks of summer and all of the music festivals, barbecues and back to school parties.

Yellow can be a tricky color to buy as it doesn’t play well with all complexions. However, that problem is easily solved. If you have a dark and sun-kissed skin tone, a neon yellow like this Fashionista wore will show off your summer tan. Having a skin tone that to my dismay stays pale all year long, I have discovered that a darker shade of yellow looks more flattering — think more of a mustard yellow rather than a bright lemony shade.

Once you’ve chosen the perfect yellow hue, slide on a pair of multicolored sandals and grab a neutral bag for all of your summer essentials. Transition this look into a campus ready outfit with a denim jacket or lightweight blazer. With such an eye-catching hue, expect your day to be anything but mellow.

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