I have always been unusually intrigued with the concept of symmetry. Snowflakes in particular continue to capture my attention, as they are the epitome of symmetry in my mind. They’re so perfectly symmetrical that I, too, can only hope to someday be that perfect at something.

But that’s also exactly what intrigues me about symmetry, and simultaneously bothers me. Everything is so even and precise that I suddenly want to do anything and everything within my power to destroy that perfection, and to create something, dare I say it, asymmetrical.

This concept of asymmetry has rapidly taken the fashion industry by storm through the emergence of the “high-low” phenomenon. A cleverly straightforward name, the idea of high-low is blatantly simple: the front of the garment maintains a higher hemline while the back of the garment exhibits one much lower. Seen in everything from shirts to skirts to dresses, this is one trend I predict will have a long hanger life.

This Fashionista chose a vibrantly colored high-low shirt (that she acquired through her travels abroad to New Zealand!) with a fabulously blurred tie-dye effect. Paired with classic dark denim and deceptively simple brown sandals with gold accents, this Fashionista put together an outfit that is bold yet comfortable.

Forever 21, Urban Outfitters and ModCloth all sell a large variety of high-low shirts, skirts and dresses in a number of colors and prints. If you’re looking for something a little more unusual to add to your wardrobe, and are willing to endure feeling somewhat uneven or unbalanced (one of my friends swears her center of gravity is off every time she puts on a high-low skirt), then go for a garment with a high-low hem; you’ll be sure to make a true style statement.

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