During the summer, stylish aspirations can dwindle. The oppressive heat, a more active lifestyle and just an overall more relaxed attitude cause many people to opt for comfort over style. However, I’m of the “Have my cake and eat it too” camp. While layering and certain fabrics are out of the question, a few pieces like a breezy maxi dress or this Fashionista’s high-waist shorts deliver a reprieve from the heat while remaining true to your stylish roots.

This Fashionista kept her outfit simple and relaxed as she headed to campus with a soft, gray T-shirt and a pair of distressed high-waist denim shorts. This casual look is perfect for a long, summer day on campus or running errands as the breathable nature of the cotton fabrics will ensure that you don’t overheat. To add a bit of a glitzy edge to her ensemble, this Fashionista opted for small touches of gold. Delicately layered gold charm necklaces, gold sandals and a bold, metallic bag large enough for all of the day’s essentials contributes a subtle sense of glamour.

The high-waist silhouette of the shorts automatically polishes the look, whether the shorts are slightly distressed and grungy or feminine and floral. For a pair similar to this Fashionista’s, Urban Outfitters has a wide selection of high-waist denim cut-offs — bonus points if they are acid-washed or colored denim. Complete the look with a basic T-shirt in your favorite color and a few dainty, metallic accessories. For a summer night out on the town, trade in the denim for a fierce pair of high-waist leopard print shorts.

With a vast range of high-waist styles, from sporty to elegant, this effortless look should be your summer go-to trend.

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