We’ve heard it a million times — diamonds are a girl’s best friend. When it comes to Fashionistas however, diamonds are probably out of the daily picture. Chances are you save your most luxurious accessories for those special nights out and you replace them with simple studs and rings for class. Lately, I’ve been wearing no jewelry at all (gasp, I know) but fellow students have been reminding me just how much a few accessories can change an outfit (and even convincing me to start wearing more).

I came across this colorful Fashionista who I’m now declaring as UCF’s accessory queen. She caught my eye for her bright color palette and retro taste. She based her outfit on a simple striped shirt and form-fitting denim skirt, perfect for Florida’s warm weather. From there, she let her accessories do the talking. Her patent red shoes, gloves and string of pearls couldn’t be any classier and of course, what’s better than adding more hints of red through heart-shaped anchor earrings and an oversized hair bow. That — on top of her gorgeous purple-pink hair and cat-eyeglasses — makes her look completely her own.

The lesson to take here is to not only appreciate a few quirky accessories but to also personalize in a way that strengthens your aesthetic. Feeling retro? Combine a few staple accessories like gloves and a hair scarf with classic prints: leopard, polka-dots, stripes. Be open to mix and match on a smaller scale. Also, don’t forget to keep the focus on your accessories by keeping the rest of your outfit simple. You’ll be sure to turn heads (purple-pink hair optional)!


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