As much as I’d prefer fall to be reserved for leaves, scarves and lattes, Wisconsin always seems to throw rain in the mix. When it comes to functional rainwear there are not a lot of aesthetically pleasing options, except for the classic trench coat. With companies like Burberry keeping the trench coat trend relevant, it’s a must have for your closet regardless of the season.

I spotted this Fashionista coming home from a meeting, sporting her unique take on the trench trend. Pairing a black trench with blue lapels with a pair of taupe riding boots, she created a great outfit ready to withstand any weather or pop quiz. This Fashionista added a little color to her outfit by donning a set of coral studs to offset the darkness of the jacket. With her top-knot hair and wayfarer sunglasses, she rounds off an easy and trendy fall outfit.

Usually when trench coats come to mind you picture the classic tan, knee length option that Sherlock Holmes wore. Luckily, with time, design has been able to transition to a more feminine cut, making the trench coat universal. This Fashionista demonstrates how lightweight, yet conventional the trench can be for campus outerwear. Most black trench coats can go unnoticed, but her decision to have one with that extra blue coloring separates her from the crowd. The perfect length and structure, this coat allows you to be comfortable and fashion forward.

Before you are required to wear a parka due to the snow, get yourself a trench coat that will work in both fall and spring. Try a black or classic tan version to make your outerwear more professional and fashionable. Trenches work well with riding boots and even rain boots, if the weather permits them. Follow this Fashionista and maybe get one with a little extra something in the design to help differentiate yourself.

This jacket will never go out of style, so be sure to get one with quality fabric in order to ensure it’s longevity. Get in the trench!

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