STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: It’s Always a Festival

Flower crowns, flowing skirts, crochet crop tops and outlandish round sunglasses…sound familiar? Well it should, because it describes the festival fashion movement that’s sweeping the souls of the wild and free across the nation. With Coachella having just passed and Outside Lands right around the corner, people are obsessing over the flower children look. If you’re given the chance to wear everything hipster and everything bohemian at one time, you take it. This obsession with festival fashion has surpassed the limitations of just festivals, and is quickly becoming an everyday trend.

This Fashionista was spotted strolling through campus wearing a floral crop top with buttons up the front, paired with an accordion pleated cream lace skirt. The structure of the top complements the endless movement from the delicate skirt. A high-waisted skirt and crop top are always a yes. It flatters so many different body types, always making your waist appear tiny. To top it off, she wears a black straw, flat brimmed hat— a festival must. These hats can be worn with anything. Don’t believe me? Try adding it to any outfit when you feel something is missing. It can also make a tulle skirt look less girly, a lace dress look less prissy and a festival wardrobe look more authentic.

For our Fashionista, the hat breaks up the “sweetness” that the florals and lace naturally exude. Her shoes are simple beige ankle booties that she claims she wears with everything. These shoes have clean lines and can be dressed up or down. It’s time to wear your tattered combat boots less and these chic city boots more. To complete any festival inspired look, you must slip on your huge round sunglasses— the true indicator of a festival girl at heart.

Don’t feel like your festival wardrobe can only be worn…well…during a festival? Integrate pieces like the flat brimmed hat from Free People, long flowing skirts from Urban Outfitters and high-waisted anything into your everyday wardrobe. These pieces are versatile and can cross over to complement other trends, as well. As a victim to this myself, I must warn you that this trend can capture your soul and dictate your fashion in a way that you never thought possible. Soon, your wardrobe will be brimming with florals, fringe and tattered denim. You’ll absolutely love it.

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