I am a hug sucker for anything that is vintage! Knowing that a piece of clothing has seen decades of people and trends is so intriguing to me. I know, kind of creepy and weird. It is true though, that trends come around in full circle. They start off popular, disappear for a while then come back in style. This is great for old souls like me who feel like they were born in the wrong decade.

This Fashionista pulled off a classic but now re-emerging trend, the cropped top. She pulled off the look fabulously by wearing a high-waisted skirt. This Fashionista then wore combat boots to give her outfit a more edgy look. Sometimes wearing any sort of polka-dotted pattern can make the outfit look very preppy. However, wearing details that change the direction of the outfit can make all the difference. My favorite detail of this outfit was her belt which had lion heads at the clasp. It pulled the look together and brought attention to her fabulous body! I believe that wearing makeup or no makeup can also change how an outfit looks. I loved this Fashionista’s red matte lipstick. It gave her look a more every day feel rather than a going out feel.

The cropped top has been brought back from the 1990s with a new modern feel. There is such a variety of cropped tops that range from turtleneck to sleeveless to even super cropped. They can be worn like this Fashionista with a high-waisted skirt or a flowy skirt for a hippy feel.

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