STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Jelly of Your Jellies

The lingering summer humidity is in full blast here although unbelievably we’re already welcoming September. We’re in a state of transition: letting go of summer and changing color schemes while still trying to hold onto summer trends that we just can’t get enough of. Anyone else have jellies on their mind? What started this trend still strikes my curiosity but I don’t question it too much when I see Fashionistas rock them in their own special ways.

Take this Fashionista as the perfect example. On a rainy and humid day, she stood out in a bright orange skater dress and paired it with clear, glittery Juju jelly sandals. My favorite element of her outfit is the way she paired it with white frilly socks, adding an element of playfulness and balance. She finished her simple ensemble with oversized eyeglasses and a vintage bag small enough to carry only the essentials.

The lesson to be learned here is as easy as it gets: less really is more. Throw on a skater dress and jellies for those blustery school mornings and your day will be 10 times more cheerful (trust me, the amount of nostalgic smiles you’ll get will brighten any rainy day). Carry a simple cardigan for chiller mornings and out the door you’ll go. Let the dress and sandals speak for themselves and forget about unnecessary accessories. Everyone will be jelly of your jellies!


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