STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Keep Calm and Cotton Jersey On

We did it Fashionistas! Exams have been aced, dorm rooms have been packed up and the weather is finally starting to feel like heaven again… It’s time for summer vacation! At the end of every academic year, almost without fail, I fall into a fashion rut. It starts out innocently enough; thinking I deserve a few days of relaxation in yoga pants, Ugg boots, frat tanks and sports bras, I comfy myself up as much as possible and veg out. Fast forward three weeks: I am still sitting on my couch and unfortunately Fashionistas, it’s begins to look a lot less like “innocent comfort” and a lot more like “complete and total slob.” This summer I challenge you to stick to your style guns and power through the first few weeks of relaxing in style. We can do it!

Dressing for stylish comfort is all about cotton jersey blends. If you have yet to experience the sheer joy that is modal, immediately head to the closest retailer and purchase, purchase, purchase. This fabric will change your life. Cotton jersey is an absolute style standout for two reasons: its comfort and wear-ability. Comfortable enough to wear while traveling, yet chic enough to dress up for the office, cotton jersey is reminiscent of your softest lounge clothes while packing the same fashion punch as more structured fabrics. Wearable? You better believe it. Jersey was made for layering; try pairing your favorite jersey sundress with a drapey, open-front sweater and infinity scarf.

This Fashionista makes wearing jersey blends look absolutely effortless, pairing a navy blue maxi dress with a cropped denim vest and stylish gold sandals. Twisted, mid-width straps provide coverage to conceal even the most conspicuous (no uncomfortable strapless necessary!) yet expose just enough shoulder to remain feminine and flirty. Her modern denim vest provides texture and gold sandals pump up the visual interest on an otherwise relatively simple look. This jersey outfit encapsulates the delicious comfort I often regress to in those first few weeks of summer, all the while allowing her to leave the house without her appearance scaring small children. The perfect summer look? I think so.

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