STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Life Through Rose-colored Glasses

Lately Indiana has been hit with daily downpours. The first day was lovely, as it revived the plant life and brought a new green to the area. However, after the fifth or sixth day of rain, we’re getting a little sick of the constant gray skies. They put a damper on the once chipper summer mood and are reminders that summer must end.

Despite the nasty weather, some of the fashionable students of Indiana can still be found. They choose to look on the bright side, don rose-colored glasses if you will, and continue to dress with style as if it was another bright and sunny day. Sometimes if your outfit reads happiness, the day will follow.

This attitude can be applied to almost anything in life and fashion. For instance, the era we currently live in has its ups and downs, especially when it comes to the economy, politics or even fashion. In order to deal with the present, we often take better pieces from the past and incorporate them into our daily life via the music we listen to, movies we watch and the clothing we wear.

In order to dress a certain decade you do not necessarily need to go all out, sometimes just an accessory or two will get the point across (although there is nothing wrong with a tastefully done full throwback outfit!). Some items are timeless and can be paired with something reminiscent of a previous era, such as a flower crown, mod sunglasses or a cool track jacket. Less obvious inspirations lie in the silhouette with waistlines and hem placement, or in the print.

This Fashionista’s outfit draws influences from the ’60s and ’70s. She wears a cropped acid-wash bustier top, distressed leather satchel, maxi skirt¬†effortlessly tied above the ankle, leather ankle boots and most importantly, retro rose-colored sunglasses. Her outfit supports today’s current trends but is brought around full swing with the retro glasses, turning it into a completely different look. One accessory can be the perfect touch to bring everything together and turn the mood of the outfit around.

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