STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Looking on the Bright Side

Fashion has the power to make your day. It can make you happy, laugh or feel confident. It’s a powerful thing, and much more than a material feeling or article. It’s a true mood changer, a day maker and a confidence booster. Though getting dressed in the morning might seem like a rushed, chaotic process as it defines our mood, interactions and relationships for the day. When getting dressed, Fashionistas should be making the decision to be their best selves and reflect that in what they put on. Clothes, shoes and accessories are the materials that give us the ability to shine, and the result is what counts.

When having a bad day, what can you wear that will brighten your spirits? Fashionistas, the answer is simple — neon. Neon is something that never goes out of style. Peplum tops and wedge sneakers will be gone by next season, but neon, that my friends, is sticking around. I personally don’t know what we would do without it. It makes you look tan (huge plus), complements both patterns and other solids, and takes every outfit from “eh” to excellent. It is a season-less staple that should be present in everyone’s closets. This Fashionista’s neon pink chiffon button-down accentuates her smile and her floral jeans! Because the floral is more muted and has shades of pink, the combination of the neon blouse and printed skinny jeans is tasteful and perfectly colorful. Vintage off-white sandals add a quirky edge to this look and her brown leather cross-body bag is a fantastic accessory.

There are very few ways you can go wrong when wearing neon. A timeless combination is neon and denim. Pair a neon tank with a chambray shirt and white jeans for an easy summer look. Or, switch it up and go with neon jeans in a light blue or green shade paired with a striped button-down for a relaxed look in the office. Neon doesn’t always have to be the focal point of an outfit. It can also be a brilliant accent piece. A bright pink belt would look fabulous against leopard print and even a neon manicure will make your everyday rings and bracelets pop.

When having a bad day, few things can turn it around. Ice cream, a rom-com and a sob session are options. Fashion, however, is one of the only things that is the perfect cure. In one easy step of throwing on a cute shirt or new heels, you feel confident and beautiful. Best of all, that feeling stays with you long after the ice cream is gone and the credits start rolling.

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