STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Mademoiselle Monochrome

Incorporating 50 shades of grey into your wardrobe shouldn’t be quite as risqué as it sounds. This winter I’ve been seeing a lot of monochromatic outfits made up of the two classic neutral colours, black and white, as well as every hue in between.  It makes for a very sleek and edgy look, which is exactly what I thought when I saw this Fashionista’s outfit.

Neutral tones look great paired with metallic accessories because most greys, blacks and whites tend to look quite flat, so the sheen of silver and gold jewelry really help these shades stand out. I love this Fashionista’s heavy silver chain necklace not only because it helps brighten up the grey in her knit, but chunky necklaces that sit along the collarbone also look super polished when worn underneath your shirt collar.

Thanks to that collared-shirt and neutral tones, this Fashionista’s outfit has an element of professionalism, but her entire look is still kept casual and class-appropriate thanks to the loose-fitted black pants and pair of white Converse All-Stars. As a photography student, her fashion choices definitely suit her; if I had to run to a shoot lugging heavy camera equipment, a pair of comfy flat shoes and billowy pants would be on my to-wear list too! Plus I wonder whether her being a photography student reflects on her style or not; is it just me, or does her monochromatic outfit remind you of black and white film?

If you want to try this tonal look, trying mixing and matching the neutrals that you already have in your closet. Pair your staple black skinny jeans with an acid wash denim shirt and finish off the look with fresh white sneakers like this Fashionista. Then add a metallic accessory, such as a statement ring or shirt collar pins for some shine.


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