Every morning we wake up and face our closets, contemplating what to wear and what we want to say about ourselves. Do we go for the grungy cut-offs to say “I’m feeling laid back today” or a chic blazer to say “I am a powerful person; take me seriously”? There’s a reason why bold accessories and clothes are called statement pieces. They send loud and clear messages about who we are and even how we are feeling on a particular day.

This Fashionista’s gutsy choice of pants conveyed a fearless vibe and made quite the sartorial statement. Paired with a simple, but sassy T-shirt and metallic sandals, these pants take center stage. With such an intricately and boldly patterned pieces, it’s important to keep other aspects of the outfit low-key and simple. However, if you want to add even more panache to your getup, opt for a daring silhouette like a peplum top or edgy details like a spiked bracelet or chunky heels.

To get this Fashionista’s look, begin with a pair of pants sporting your favorite pattern. From bright, summery florals to ladylike polka-dots, brands across the board are offering a plethora of print options. For those a bit hesitant to fully embrace this trned, try a demurely patterned pair like these lounge pants from Urban Outfitters. The pattern blends in with the background, adding only a subtle note of pizzazz. Patterned shorts are also a great option for those long, hot summer days.

Complete the ensemble with a neutral top, strappy sandals and a small bag. Experiment with patterns and vibrant prints to make a statement with your wardrobe this summer.


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