STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Marc and Maxi Madness

Happy July, Fashionista/os!

Who remembers the season five, episode two of Bravo’s television show, Rachel Zoe, when Rachel Zoe herself has a maxi meltdown?

Stylist to the stars, fashion designer and the maxi trend’s number one fan, Rachel Zoe, is a firm believer that maxi’s are ideal for playing with her son while still looking like the top Fashionista that she is. Maxi dresses and skirts have been a huge fashion trend the last couple of years – and perhaps Rachel Zoe is on to something.

When I spotted this Fashionista, I couldn’t help but notice how cute and comfortable she looked all at once. Many people believe that wearing loose or baggy clothing creates a stuffy feeling, especially during summertime. That can be true, but the key to comfort is to stick with thin, breathable fabrics. This Fashionista wore a chic, loosely-fit ensemble. Take notes from this Fashionista as she paired together a simple white T-shirt and long maxi skirt. Both are made of lightweight cotton, making it convenient to wear outdoors in warm weather.

Now, who doesn’t love Marc Jacobs everything? This Fashionista pairs her outfit with key accessory pieces from the popular designer. Her black leather Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Natasha purse and matching Amy Dinky 21mm watch add an edgy contrast to her look. Plus, the pieces are timeless and adjustable for any outfit or occasion.

The fabulous thing about this Fashionista’s outfit is that it is flexible. Though this Fashionista wore it for a daytime lunch and movie date, it can be easily transformed for a night out on the town. By adding an embellished blazer or platform wedges, this look goes glam and will be perfect for a date night or casual dinner party.

In the infamous words of Rachel Zoe,  “I die.”

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