STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Minimalistic Menswear

The biggest trend right now with menswear is being able to pull off the street sportswear look. While browsing through men’s spring 2014 runway shows that showcased this trend, I realized quickly how few college Fashionisto’s would have the resources to pull together some of these looks. Street sportswear should be an easy go-to for all Fashionistos! By finding the right items in your current wardrobe, this look can come together easier than you think.

After becoming inspired by looks on the runway, this Fashionisto proved to be just as inspiring. Although simplistic in his outfit of choice, this Fashionisto’s outfit is comprised of the basic elements that make up men’s street sportswear. He is wearing a blue T-shirt, black sweatpants, a Bertucci watch and gray Nike sneakers.

The best thing about this look is it can be interpreted in so many different ways; adding and subtracting sportswear-inspired pieces can turn one look into two or three. As this Fashionisto shows, the easiest way to be on track with this trend is with a pair of sweatpants. When looking to swap them out from your everyday trouser, try a slimmer fitting pair to mimic a tailored look. Try pairing the pant with a button-down that is also slim fitting to really capture the essence of “street style.”

This Fashionisto’s look can also be recreated by just using the top half. This time keep it casual on the top and more sophisticated on the bottom as an alternative dress for this trend. Taking a simple tee, such as this Fashionisto’s, and pairing it with a pair seasonal trousers and sportswear hoodie will also resonate into street sportswear perfectly.

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