I can remember growing up always thinking that my mom had no business wearing those high-waisted jeans that were not cool at all. Looking back on my elementary school days and seeing where fashion is now, I can definitely say I could never have predicted “mom jeans” being a trend. However, I have seen more of these jeans in fall collections than I could have ever imagined and they look awesome. Notably, stores like Topshop have taken mom jeans and given them a facelift for the modern buyer. And admittedly, I have picked up my own pair.

This Fashionista combined not only the mom jean look but also the boyfriend jean look by taking a pair of her boyfriend’s jeans and making them her own. They fit like mom jeans in the waist and hip, while hanging loose to her legs. Consider them a hybrid jean trend. To fit the jeans to her size, this Fashionista cuffed them and added some heel for a girly touch. To finish her relaxed look this Fashionista added a slouchy sweater.

To get her look, definitely pick up these moto vintage mom jeans from Topshop. For a good chunky sweater to either layer with or just throw on, try this one from Free People and then these rag & bone booties from Nordstrom.

One of the more difficult parts about pulling off this trend is making sure the look does not swallow you. This Fashionista does mom jeans right by cuffing them and adding a bit of definition to the look by throwing on a pair of heeled booties. Other ways to avoid these particular jeans from wearing you is by tucking your shirt and adding a cute belt. However you choose to rock the mom jeans, make them unique to your style and be fearless in sporting them.

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