When it comes to fashion, it’s no secret that the louder and bolder you are, the more attention and praise you seem to attract. And while I’m a fan of fast fashions, I also have an unwavering respect for timeless, classic looks.

This week’s featured Fashionisto sports an ensemble that’s timeless and subtle. He starts his look with a light blue button-down and pairs it with some low-key, army green slacks. He pegs his pants, which is an ode to the ’80s and was mentioned in this post a few weeks ago. He completes his look with a pair of gray oxford shoes and a small pendant around his neck. This Fashionisto’s look works well because all of his colors are muted, almost to neutrals.

Another factor that shows this Fashionisto takes pride in his look is his pompadour haircut. This haircut was made popular in the ’50s and ’60s by rock ‘n’ roll stars like Elvis Presley and actors like James Dean. This iconic look is typically worn shorter on the sides with length on top that you slick or pomp back with some volume.

If you’d like to replicate this Fashionisto’s outfit, look for pieces that are a classic cut. I’ve said it in previous articles and I’ll say it again, men can never go wrong with a well-fitted button-down shirt. In the summer months you may prefer one with short sleeves. Wear the shirt with a good pair of trousers. Opt for a wash that doesn’t scream “blue jeans.” Complete the look with a pair of oxford shoes, a staple for any wardrobe.

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