Sometimes with our own personal style we can fall into a rut. I know for myself, I seem to always wear all black in the winter and all white in the summer. Adding a pop of color can be tedious. Most of the time we don’t know how to add in the pop of color or where it will look good. Should you do it with accessories, or maybe with your clothing? Either way, a pop of color can brighten your outfit. This week’s Fashionista was very creative with how she added her color.

A thin neon stripe down her pants adds a subtle pop of color to her all gray denim pants and plain white tee shirt. The tuxedo type looking pant has been seen everywhere. I love the stripe down the side I think it looks clean, put together and even elongates your legs.. and who wouldn’t LOVE THAT.  What really makes her neon stripe stand out is not just her muted outfit but also her subtle silver jewelry. She has a charcoal gray ring from Forever 21 and silver earrings from ALDO. Another great way to add color is on your nails. This Fashionista has really nailed it with her bright yellow nails. These nails will surely brighten up every outfit and match no matter what you are wearing. Forever 21 has great neon pants if you feel like really adding a pop of color and being bold. Remember pops of color are great but all in moderation. Don’t go too overboard with the neon or your outfit may turn into an ’80s party!


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