Have you ever searched for something only to find it was right in front of you the entire time? Sometimes the answer to what we’re looking for is so simple, we overlook it. I could spend hours looking at my closet trying to create the perfect ensemble. I’m usually initially drawn to the bolder colors in my closet; however, as this Fashionista proves, neutrals can make a powerful statement.

When I originally saw her, I was taken back by how fresh and elegant she looked. This Fashionista’s white peplum seamlessly transitions into her nude shorts. The lack of color on her top enhances its delicate pattern and texture. Many people are indulging in the black and white trend, but nude and white, a less common choice, works just as well. Nude shorts and a white top are staples that almost anyone has in their closet, but are often used to offset bolder pieces. It’s such a simple color combination that we often forget about it.

In a summer season saturated in bold colors, this nude and white color combination is a refreshing change. The neutral color scheme in this outfit emphasizes the tailored look of the top and the shorts, resulting in a refined style. Most people would be tempted to throw on some colorful jewelry, but this Fashionista stayed true to her neutral theme. Even though the earrings are colorless they still manage to be extremely bright and add the right amount of sparkle to her outfit. This season has been all about the statement necklaces, but I rarely see a pair of statement earrings like this Fashionista’s. I like how she kept the outfit simple with the sleek nude heels, which focused the attention on the stunning earrings.

As this Fashionista proves, less can be more. Wearing brightly colored clothes is great for certain occasions but don’t forget it’s certainly not your only option. I’ve found that in order to obtain an elegant vibe it’s better to be keep an outfit subtle.  After all, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

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