Stepping outside this time of year and seeing anyone not in shorts is pretty much a shooting star in the sky—completely rare. Floridians are known for living in shorts and flip flops year ’round, making it an exciting occasion when people get creative with their warm weather wardrobe and opt for a different piece of clothing. Form fitting pants are usually out of the picture but they don’t have to be! With lighter fabrics and cooler colors, you’ll realize it’s not as bad as you’d think.

This Fashionista shows she can stay cool with a light ensemble. Pastels are always an appropriate color scheme for spring and the transition into summer, without a doubt, should include several of your favorite pastels. Her white pants are a staple to every closet for their versatility and clean finish. Along with that, her detailed cuffs give the look a more summery appeal while highlighting her lemonade yellow tennis shoes. My favorite piece of her outfit however would have to be her subtle bustier bodysuit that screams summer. The print is light enough to give her white pants an airy, nostalgic feel with a retro twist. Rather than a lingerie-like bustier made of satin or silk, daytime bustiers like these work as casual pieces because of their cotton structure. They also prove to be an easy way to change up an outfit without needing to completely change. Simply start off with a bustier bodysuit and change the bottoms for a different look each time. These also come in a variety of styles such as crop top bustiers for those who really want to feel the summer air.

Give her summery look a try and be sure to pay attention to the details. Her pastel bag, belt and shoes are the perfect splash of color to brighten an already light outfit. Once you have a few accessories in mind, the bodysuit should be a piece of cake to slip into the outfit. Pair your bustier with light colored pants like hers or mix up the fabrics with chiffon pants, circle skirts or (if you really have to) a washed out pair of shorts. Your bustier top will keep you feeling cool while providing more structure than a simple tank top.

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