Everyone is swooning over this season’s top color palette that includes a sweet and powdery explosion of pretty pastels. Showing up on the runway in hues of purple, blue, green and pink, designers have carefully created pastel-inspired collections that will have you looking fashionable and sophisticated. So, ta-ta for now Mr. Easter Bunny, this is how you really wear pastels in spring.

This Fashionista dresses up in a pastel wonderland from head to toe, looking polished in her springtime outfit. This Fashionista truly embodies this trend and showcases how easy it is to pull together a pastel-inspired outfit on a college budget. She is wearing a pair of nude skinny jeans, a blush pink tank top layered under a cropped cream jacket and she finishes her look with a variety of nude accessories.

Recreating this look is as easy as finding the right pieces in your current wardrobe that will help create the perfect pastel palette. Start with a nude or neutral bottom, an easy choice would be white but if you have blush tones then go for those! Being able to show off your own style is very important, so there is a lot of individual freedom when it comes to choosing a top.

This Fashionista chose to stay within the same family of colors throughout her whole look. Her choice of having a more monochromatic outfit is similar to the looks seen on the runway. Designers paired tailored bottoms with blazer jackets or ankle length skirts with crop tops that were similar in color, if not an exact match.

This idea of having an outfit that is all the same but becomes different when broken up by individual pieces is a statement that I encourage us all to make this spring.

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