Moms are always a great resource for vintage finds. I remember the first time I dug around in my mom’s boxes of old clothes and found her old denim jacket that I now wear constantly. I remember being shocked that she had pieces that would normally be in an expensive vintage store. It is definitely safe to say that some of my most worn articles of clothing have come from my her boxes of clothes from college. Some of the most interesting years of trends have come out of the ’70s and ’80s and finding these vintage pieces is easy if a Fashionista/o has any relative that holds on to old clothes.

When I found this Fashionista, she told me that she found her cut-offs in one of her mom’s boxes from high school. This Fashionista’s mom hand-patched all of her patches with the exception of ones she put on herself. These cut-offs are a great example of fashion history being passed down through generations of people and are easy to find. Cut-offs are the perfect summer bottoms because they are always in style and can be dressed up or worn on a casual summer day.

With her patched cut-offs, this Fashionista added a black halter crop top, black Dr. Martens and an animal print backpack. To get her look, you can either DIY your own cut-offs or get these pre-made cut-offs from Urban Outfitters. To DIY cut-offs, grab a pair denim shorts and hit up a local thrift store or flea market for patches. To get the rest of this Fashionista’s look, try a halter crop top from NASTY GALĀ and Dr. Martens 1460 boots.

Before you go out and shop at a vintage store, remember to go through a mom or dad’s old clothing. You never what you might find; plus, you could save some money!


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