Those who have been following my posts for some time now or have ever peeked into my closet already know that leopard print is my favorite pattern. When asked what my favorite color is, I answer leopard. Probably stemming from my early (and ongoing) obsession with The Cheetah Girls and their matching colored leopard ensembles, my eyes always gravitate toward those wearing the fierce print.

Therefore it is no surprise that I found this Fashionista who was not only wearing my favorite print, but also had some amazing jewelry and funky colored hair. I do not currently own a leopard tank top, but it is only a matter of time before it gets added to my feline-printed wardrobe. I love that this Fashionista chose to keep it simple with the rest of her outfit so as to not overwhelm her patterns and colors. And really when you are wearing leopard and have purple hair, there’s not much else you need to do.

What this Fashionista does add, however, is a plethora of hand-crafted rings that add subtle detail to her simple, though colorful, outfit. Coupled with her amazing polish job, this Fashionista turns her hands into statements all of their own. I love the simplicity of the thin, gold over the knuckle rings, but I also love how complex and big her other pieces are.

Like this Fashionista, I love to add big rings in lieu of other accessories, but unlike her, most of my rings are animals of the bedazzled nature or were picked up in the kid’s sections of museums. However, for those rare days that I want to feel more mature, adding some of these metal rings would be a great option.

The lessons to be learned from this Fashionista are wear your loudest prints if you’re inclined, but be mindful to keep the rest of the outfit simple, accessorize with your hands and, of course, let your hair speak to your identity!

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