STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Play with a Paradox

Fashion is a complicated subject, but that is exactly what makes it so exciting. It is a direct form of expression, which I find most intriguing and beautiful. It can also, however, be very paradoxical. Take, for example, the pairings of shorts and sweaters, tank tops and jeans and, in our case, socks and boots with dresses in the summer.

Although warm weather does not last very long in many parts of the country, the heat can quickly become a drag. It is not impossible to be creative style-wise during the warmer months, but it is very easy to forget how. All it takes is a minor switch to your regular routine—the more experimental the change, the better. Take a cue from this week’s Fashionista and go for something that, in theory, does not make much sense.

This Fashionista has got the minimalist, beat-the-heat look down with her short and flowy dress. Extra points to her for going sleeveless and opting for a miniature floral print. She almost completely skipped out on accessories (knee-up), save one bracelet, really letting the dress do the talking on hot days.  The top bit of her look screams summer, but the twist to her outfit is the addition of some long socks and Doc Martens. Not only do they add a wintery touch, but they also help balance the bare look above the knees. Now, the summer months usually suggest sandals as the ideal choice of footwear, but there are only so many times you can wear them before getting bored. This Fashionista avoided that dull repetition in her summer style by opting for the unexpected.

To get your own paradoxical look, first find an extremely comfortable and breezy dress. This will ensure that you do not become a sweat puddle by counteracting the warming sensation caused by the socks and the boots. Next, tie your hair up and forget about any arm, neck or ear candy. Head to your sock drawer and pull on some cute knee-highs. Then, wrap up the look with some boots, preferably in the combat style. Once you conquer this look, try another contradictory combination!


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