STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Please Arrange A Messenger

Throughout the course of a typical day, the number of times one typically reaches into their purse to grab something is seemingly greater than or equal to the number of times one blinks. Our handbags are our saviors; they contain everything we could possibly need or want, and more. They’re reliable, consistent, convenient and most importantly (and ideally), fashionable.

From books and laptops to bobby pins and lipstick, our bags always have our back (and occasionally even rest on our back, see: backpack). One of my favorite go-to bags that is certain to fit the unreasonable number of items I seem to want to bring with me to a day of studying at the library is the messenger bag. This Fashionista’s messenger bag is the epitome of a casual, functional bag that is sure to go with any outfit.

Paired with a floral dress with just the right amount of pops of color, a simple black cardigan, a favorite pair of moccasins complete with embellished beading and a fabulously chic pair of glasses, this Fashionista’s outfit proves that she is ready and willing to embrace the day of studying that lies ahead.

If you’re tired of carrying around the same pink camouflage backpack you’ve had since seventh grade (yes, I had a pink camouflage backpack in seventh grade), then it’s time to make a change. Instead of carrying towers of books in your arms and trying to cram everything into your purse, try a messenger bag. ASOS, NASTY GAL and Forever 21 all have a number of both practical and fashionable messenger bags.

Whether with a cute dress or even your favorite pair of sweatpants while en route to the library on a rainy Sunday afternoon, a messenger bag will never let you down. Your lower back and your arms will thank you.

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