Upon looking at the photos of this Fashionisto, you will easily be able to tell that this week is all about the accent color.

As you well know by now, I love to both wear and write about the perfect outfit composed of mostly neutrals paired with a single pop of color. In addition to that pop, I always appreciate the different elements of the neutral base because they too show intricacy and complexity in ways other than pigment. This week, though, is about neither of these particular clothing situations—rather, it’s about both together and amplified.

I would not say that this Fashionisto wears a pop of color. Instead, I would call it a complete explosion. Also, if it weren’t obvious enough that he was very style-conscious by his use of a color motif alone, he drives the point home with the most eye-catching color: red.

Interestingly, he begins this motif not with a bright shirt but with red pants instead. As I mentioned in previous post, the amount of attention drawn to a bright outfit and the amount of surface area covered by said bright color are directly proportional. Thus, this Fashionisto makes the incredibly bold move of stating his accent—rather, “explosion”—color through his choice of slim-cut denim.

To complete his H-2-T (as Tyra Banks would say) red-delicious look, he “caps” himself at the top with a New Era fitted cap. Now with two incredibly bright and eye-catching pieces, he sprinkles the motif throughout the rest of his look with red laces on his Nike Air Max sneakers and in his black graphic T-shirt. Let’s not forget about his blingy non-permanent and permanent accessories: a belt, earrings and tattoos that add extra hints of his personal refined-street style in (believe it or not) a more subtle manner.

This week’s Fashionisto can inspire other Fashionistos and Fashionistas alike. Whether you believe in a spiritual connection to certain colors or just find yourself attracted to particular hues for the simple reason of emotional affinity, you can find many ways to show off your favorite shade without being totally monochromatic. If you like to rock a hat like this week’s Fashionisto, it’s easy to find any variation on a team’s colors that will best suit you. And there’s no need to worry about which Nike shoes (or whichever brand you prefer) might complement the rest of your outfit, as there are endless possibilities with customizable sneakers! Most importantly, don’t forget to keep to your own personal style with the form of each element. Color isn’t everything, you know!

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