“Power color” is a term I’m 98 percent sure I learned from a Disney Channel original movie circa 2001; but it has managed to stick with me over the years. I believe that accenting a look with a power color is the best way to spice up your favorite staple pieces.

Let’s start with the basics: a simple black maxi dress. I don’t think a more flattering piece of clothing exists and this garment is a staple piece every girl must have in her closet. A high-low maxi dress is the simplest and fastest way to elegance. The way these dresses catch the wind and flow so eloquently can automatically place you in a movie scene, and who doesn’t love that feeling?

Moving on to the accessories. This is where picking your power color comes in. This Fashionista chose turquoise, which is a perfect pick for this summer. The turquoise accents in her vintage necklace complement her turquoise kate spade bag without being too overpowering. By keeping the outfit simple and choosing a few standout pieces, this Fashionista creates the perfect summer look for virtually every occasion.

Picking a power color is perfect for Fashionistas (like myself) who don’t typically wear bright colors. Stick to your neutral toned clothes, but try some accessories that may be a bit out of the box compared to your norm. Try an all white palate with these boho drop earrings paired with these Vince Camuto coral brogues for something simple. I’m also obsessing over anything green this summer so check out this Michael Kors clutch and this J.Crew flower necklace. They’re pieces you’ll be swooning over at first glance.

Have I convinced you to try an eye-catching power color this week? They’re super fun and probably give you an excuse to go shopping for so new accessories, so why not?

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