The preppy fashion trend has always tended to be clean-cut and well put together. I love how this Fashionisto took this classic summer look to another level by subtly using complementary colors in styling his outfit. Even though his look is dominated by neutral colors, green and red make his outfit pop because they are opposites on the color wheel. The average prep is a minimalist master wearing a simple top and bottom and somehow styling it formal enough to wear to business events for the warmer months. A plaid shirt is a timeless piece for the summertime and perfect for brunch, a family outing or even to class. Plaid is quite reminiscent of a picnic blanket and is a quirky twist for the average button-up. If you feel like mixing it up, try a floral print in the summer and spring to give off an uplifting vibe to your ensemble.

Every Fashionisto needs a pair of solid khaki shorts in their closet for the warmer months. Jean shorts are out of style fellas and have been for quite some time, so if you haven’t you should head over to Gap for their classic and affordable styles. They even have cargo shorts for days when you’re hanging out with friends or just simply want more pockets. If your summers aren’t as warm as ours in Sacramento, you should head over to Levi Brand Jeans and check out their khaki pants. They currently have a great student promotion going on their online site so you should definitely check it out if you’re on the ball for back-to-school shopping!

This Fashionisto finished off this classic summer look with a pair of loafers. Sperry Top-Siders have always been a great classic shoe, and a lot of them are on sale at Nordstrom for their anniversary sale. Stick to shoes in classic or muted colors. Sperrys can be worn any season and to many different occasions, so they are great shoes to have in a color that is versatile¬†for¬†color coordinating with many different outfits. Shoes are also an investment, they’re what you need to walk around in every day and be comfortable in, so choose wisely!

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