“Fashion has two purposes: comfort and love. Beauty comes when fashion succeeds.”

I believe Coco said it best; being comfortable in your clothing and most importantly, your own skin, is the most crucial aspect of wearing a stylish outfit and making it work. Nothing ruins an amazing outfit faster than fidgeting with an exposed zipper or tugging at a too short hemline…so snuggle up in your cozies Fashionistas! This week is all about comfortable, put together personal style.

If you are anything like me, you have a handful of outfits in your closet that you know will never fail. Mine consists of perfectly tailored black denim, a cream eyelet top and the most delicious caramel colored leather jacket known to man. Whether worn to class, an internship interview or out on a date, your go to outfit is chic (a mix of textures promises visual interest and kicks up the fashion IQ of any look), flattering (invest in a pair of correctly sized and hemmed jeans and your closet will thank you) and always appropriate (the addition of a little jacket or cardigan provides extra coverage to an otherwise bare look).

Inspired by Ms. Chanel and her dressed down philosophy for dressing up, I snapped this Fashionista as she left her dorm before class. Much like my perfect outfit, this Fashionista’s look encompasses the three essential elements of comfortable personal style. Chic: the luxurious print of her paisley top, coupled with the engaging crochet hemline, keep the eye interested without overwhelming her. Flattering: she kills it in a pair of perfectly fitted, dark jeans that showcase her adorable shape. And finally, appropriate: closed toe flats and a mid-length sleeve allow her to wear this stylish look just about anywhere; the addition of a blazer dresses her up and swapping flats for sandals dresses her down. Outfit perfection.

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