Even though I’ve been a college student for two years already, having a high school reunion is still an requisite part of my summer holidays. I love hanging out with my old friends from home because they remind me of being a high school student and those priceless memories we shared when we were young. For some people, high school friendship is never ending, just like preppy element is never out of date in fashion world. We can see that from the popular TV drama Gossip Girl, where Blair Waldorf is the icon of preppy. It is pretty sad that I rarely see any preppy style in my city. Perhaps it’s because more people are longing for modern looks, or maybe it’s because people here are tired of wearing school uniforms for years. I remember whenever I dressed up in a preppy style, my friends always made fun of me and I didn’t wear anything preppy again. But this all doesn’t mean I can’t be a big fan of the trend!

I was walking pass by the new Guangzhou library one day when this Fashionista attracted my attention with her very clean look. I was quite impressed by the preppy element in her outfit. One of my favorite parts of her look is how the little blue jacket matching with her blue Salvatore Ferragamo wedges. The crop jacket gives her a classic look while the wedges on her feet add style and elegance to her outfit. The khaki skirt this Fashionista is wearing is an adorable touch and looks extremely comfy on her. The combination of the skirt and jacket makes her entire look preppy but casual at the same time. It is a perfect match for a day in a library. Considering some people might be a big fan of Queen B, it would be a flawless preppy look if this Fashionista puts on a cute headband just like Blair Waldorf does.

Looking back at my high school days, I feel very blessed to have so many loving friends around me. Sometimes we just feel like we are one big family. We might not be able to get back to the past, but we have our own way to keep this precious friendship present and make it last longer. I think that is also the charm of fashion. It reminds us the past, makes things last and reproduces things in another form.

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