STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Prince of Darkness

With the return of the ’90s comes all things grunge. Hand-cut shirts, dark denim, green plaid prints and Dr. Martens boots all come to mind when I think about grunge. Any Fashionista/o should never be afraid to get in touch with his or her dark side by trying out a heavier look.

Take note Fashionistos: this one is not afraid and he knows how to work it. He even is not afraid to have a burst of pink in his look. If you are looking for an alternative to your usual denim, trade it out with a darker one like this Fashionisto. He pairs his black denim jacket with a dark jean for the ultimate grunge alternative to the denim on denim look. Under his jacket, this Fashionisto has on a cut graphic T-shirt to add a pop of color. To get this look, consider finding a lighter pair of jeans than the denim jacket, or vice versa, just to keep the look from being too dreary. To go under the jacket, snag an old T-shirt and turn it into a cut-off. For a denim jacket similar to this Fashionisto, try the trucker jacket from Levi Brand Jeans. For a more washed out jacket, snag this ASOS one. Sticking with the classic Levi Brand Jeans look, you can never go wrong with a pair of Levi Brand 510 Jeans. Pick up a pair in the color jet to complete your dark look.

Many people tend to avoid wearing just one color palette in their look because it can get boring. But with a look like this Fashionisto’s, you can easily stand out in a crowd. Remember to have a little pop of color and fully embrace your dark side this fall.

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