In the buzz about grunge and messy looks trending, there is always a place for the put-together Fashionista/o. He or she fixes a look from head to toe that is always completed with good accessories. Designers have also been loving the preppy look and designers like kate spade, Marc Jacobs and Burberry all had polka-dots in their spring and resort collections. Patterns like polka-dots are the perfect pop for a look while also not attracting unwanted attention.

This Fashionista does polka-dots right by keeping her look with cool tones, a pop from the polka-dots and a touch of pink. She pairs her skirt with a blue blouse and a pink cardigan. To top off her outfit, this Fashionista accessorizes with a tie for her button-down. The key to a polished look like this is to mind your lengths; avoid baggy or long sweaters and tuck in your shirt. To get this Fashionista’s look, first start with this Moschino┬áskirt from For a blouse like this Fashionista, try this one from Forever 21 that has a tie already in the blouse. Layer this French Connection cardigan from ASOS over your blouse to add a pop of color. To accessorize like this Fashionista, put on a pair of oxford shoes or maybe even some suede creepers. Add a cute satchel or cross-body bag and you are ready to go.

If you have any doubts about your look remember to keep it as simple as you can while still having a few unique pieces. This look is all about looking clean cut while adding a personal touch!

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