Even though the fireworks have already exploded, the barbecue has ended and the Fourth of July has passed, it doesn’t mean that your American pride has to end with it. Those beautiful stars and stripes are always in style and can be proudly worn no matter the season.

As this Fashionista demonstrates, the American flag print does not need to be restricted to a piece of fabric on a pole. The famous print can also be displayed on the clothing you wear. Whether it is a scarf, a shirt or shorts (like these from Urban Outfitters), the classic print can serve as a statement piece in your wardrobe perfect for those summer days at the beach or an outing with your friends.

However, like with any bold print, one must exercise balance when wearing this pattern, which this Fashionista demonstrates beautifully. A perfect way to balance out the print is to match it with one of the three famous colors that are in it. Matching a solid blue, white or red textile with the American flag print will lend evenness to the outfit and keep the focus on what you want most: those beautiful stars and stripes! Being that it is summer and the hot July weather (especially in Louisiana) is relentless, I suggest matching printed shorts with a trendy crop top or a printed top with a light maxi skirt. This trendy knit crop from Topshop would be a perfect accent to an American flag printed bottom and skirts similar to those found at Free People would create the perfect balance for a printed top.

So despite the date, it is never too late to be proud. And while you’re at it, be fashionable!

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