Anyone who lived in the ’90s to early 2000s who listened to Britney Spears and/or Justin Timberlake knows about their biggest fashion mistake together when they attended the American Music Awards in 2001. Ringing any bells yet? It was the time Britney wore an all denim dress and Justin wore an all denim suit. Since then, an all denim outfit is only to be seen while line dancing.

All Fashionistas know that a denim jacket looks fabulous with white jeans or boyfriend jeans look great with a loose white top in the summer. But who knew that an all denim outfit could actually be pulled off, let alone in the summertime!

This Fashionista gave me hope for the future of all denim outfits! She pairs a classic denim jacket with purple washed denim jeans. Not only is the color of these jeans fabulous, but they are also high-waisted. She adds a cropped neutral colored top and all black Converse shoes.

There are so many stores that are now selling colored jeans, shorts and skirts. Recently I bought two pairs of colored shorts from J.Crew, which I am totally obsessed with! I think that colored bottoms bring a fun flare to any outfit.

Try colored bottoms, whether they are denim or not, with a neutral colored top. Too much color can make you look like a lollipop. If a necklace is needed to pull the look together, try a necklace that is the color of your shorts!

To get this look, the main thing to have is confidence. Since it is a very unique outfit, you have to know how fabulous you look to make everyone stop in their tracks.

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