Finals week is upon us and everyone is depressed. Well, maybe it’s just me, but regardless of the impending all-nighters and coffee binges, there is no excuse why your finals wardrobe needs to be dreary. Mimic this Fashionista and bring a refreshingly cheery demeanor to the library and focus on dashing simplicity.

Besides her positive energy, what attracted me to this Fashionista was her classic stripes and winter wear combination. Majority of the fashion on the UW-Madison campus during this season is limited to parkas and UGGs, so to see someone radiating through the cold is truly miraculous. Complete with a long army coat and delicate jewelry, she donned the perfect library get-up; simple, but not the least bit forgettable. To round it all off, this Fashionista added the always stylish aviatorĀ that works with every outfit.

Too often people associate stripes with summer and other nautical wear, but as demonstrated by this Fashionista the classic stripe can infiltrate even the coldest of climates. Forget the over sized sweater and bring this fun classic pattern back into the picture. The stripe is a classic that has been around forever for a reason. Just because it’s snowing does not mean that you cannot bring the normally summer trend to the classroom.

I realize that it is very cold, so opt for a sweater with the stripe pattern rather than a T-shirt to fight the chills. If you still feel the stripes are too summery for you, try out a navy and white scarf to add a little pop to your winter garb. It’s in your best interest at this point in your life to acquire a black and white striped shirt, opposed to crazy colors, because it will make it far more transitional throughout the other seasons.

Quick tip, try and grab a striped shirt that has narrow 1/4 inch lines because they are more slimming than big block lines. Remember stripes are not just for summer, so get them into the library to fight those finals’ blues.

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