One of my favorite spots in the hustle and bustle of the city is Central Park. The streets of New York City are hectic, crowded and loud. However, walk a few blocks and you will find serenity masked in nature and winding walking paths. The best thing I find about Central Park is that, despite common belief, it is the place to find the true born Fashionista/os. I mean those men and women who know how to make anything and everything a fashion statement without even trying. These people breathe a type of style unlike any other.

I saw this Fashionista and I knew I had to capture her ensemble. Clearly she is a nature fanatic, but that aside she knows how to dress for the weather. The heat wave has hit the city and paired together with the exhaust fumes from taxis and subway grates the air just sits on you. This Fashionista is keeping it cool in a pair of navy, high-waisted lace shorts and a coral blouse. There is nothing better in the summer than wearing bright colors and pairing them with darker neutrals. Coral and navy are a signature combination that is bound to work on any complexion.

Lace is a hot new trend in every area of fashion from footwear to headwear and everything in between. This Fashionista has taken the shorts approach and is rocking it! Forever 21 is a big supporter of this trend. Shoppers can find shorts in a wide variety of colors and styles. When wearing delicate shorts such as these, there are a multitude of ways to wear and style them. Some edgier Fashionistas throw them on with a graphic tee and combat boots. On the other hand, some such as this stylish lady, will pair the bottoms with a cute blouse and pumps or nice sandals. Ultimately it is up to you to decide how to wear them.

Depending on your style and outfit, keep jewelry and accessories to a minimum so that your bottoms can be the main pop of your look. Sometimes a few bangles and thread bracelets can do the trick.

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