The colored pants craze is here again and the one color that seems to be neglected, and consequently the color I don’t get enough of in my wardrobe, is red. Why is that? It could be because red comes off as intimidating or maybe people are afraid they’ll risk looking like Michael Jackson. However, it is possible to overcome both of those fears.

I spotted this Fashionista on a rainy day in Dublin solely because her bright red pants caught my eye under the gloomy clouds. She toned down the pants and created an effortless, cool-girl vibe with a select few items. This Fashionista chose a super trendy graphic tee to complement the bottom half of her outfit and threw on a simple, baggy cargo jacket. These jackets are definitely a wardrobe must-have as they can literally be worn with anything and in any season. Try adding one like this to an outfit and watch it instantly transform your ensemble.

Just like the cargo jacket, the beauty about these scarlet trousers is their ability to be dressed up or down. To take this look into nighttime, swap out the flats for some classy black sandals or pumps and pair it with a white blouse or leopard top. Complete with a clutch or an over the shoulder bag and you’re on your way to looking fabulous tonight! Don’t be afraid of investing in this vibrant color and standing out in a good way, you’ll be red hot all summer long.

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