Summer is finally here! Class is no longer an excuse from dressing to our true Fashionista/o potential. Summer is also the season of new beginnings: bridal showers, baby showers, weddings and more. Be prepared to dress to impress!

I spied this fabulous Fashionista walking downtown, ready for her sister’s bridal shower. Her outfit screams chic in every way. With her black fascinator and black and white polka-dots, she manages to pull it all together using the color red. Accenting any outfit can be very important, but for a black and white outfit, it is crucial.

With vibrant red pumps and matching red lip stick, this pop of color completely pulls this Fashionista’s outfit together perfectly. It gives a sophisticated chic look that is still fun. If she were to have black pumps on, the outfit would be much less striking.

For a somewhat similar look, there are a few different things you can do. First, you have to pick an accent color with your black and white outfit. Red never fails! Try Rihanna’s red MAC lipstick and pair it with these Dolce Vita pumps. You can always couple this powerful red combo with any black and white piece, for example, this Topshop romper is a perfect match.

If you wanted to add even more “pop” to your outfit, a red purse, nails or even tights will do the trick. Don’t forget red never fails and will always add a classy chic and fun look to your outfit.

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