STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Relax and Take Notes

The Syracuse winter for the past two years has been on the warmer side. Although it snowed often during my freshman and sophomore year, temperatures always stayed above zero. However, it appears times have changed and, I for one, was not prepared for the brutal, painful sub-zero weather.

Amid the miserable people walking around campus like zombies trying to quickly get from point A to point B, I caught this Fashionista’s bright red beanie.

With that being said, her beanie was sending a much needed message to the frozen campus, “relax.” The bold text on her brightly colored red beanie captured my attention, and the irony of it made me laugh.

This Fashionista looked unaffected by the cold because she was aptly prepared for the arctic temperatures. Unlike some people, (ahem, the man I saw in a suit with no coat or gloves on!) this Fashionista rocked all the necessary accessories to ensure she was nice and toasty during her commute to and from classes.

She barely exposed any skin, warding off any chance of getting hypothermia or frost bite. I realize I can’t stop talking about beanies, but this beanie is the most covetable one of the ┬áseason in my book. In my opinion, nothing keeps a head warm like a beanie, and they are especially great for bad hair days. With that being said, I conclude with a Biggie lyric, “Relax and take notes.”

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