There is a huge category of trendsetters that has been overlooked for too long: motorcycle clubs. They are notoriously tough in how they act and in how they dress. However, they made patches for vests quite the trend. In the 1960s, Hell’s Angels were a prominent club in the U.S. and rocked the vest like no one else. With the growing popularity of shows like Sons of Anarchy, bike culture has made its way into mainstream culture. This Fashionisto and his friends were inspired by the Angels and created their own vests with a similar insignia and a personalized middle patch.

In addition to his vest, this Fashionisto wears a classic blue hoodie, his favorite pair of olive jeans and suede hiking boots. He certainly is not in a violent bike club, but he’s got a tough guy look. If you are inspired by bike culture to make your own vest, there are a few things you will need. First, a good vest is a must; make sure it is one that is durable through all weather conditions. This Fashionisto got his denim from Biltwell Inc. and highly recommended this one for anyone who wants a similar look. Secondly, a back patch is a must and there is no better place to get one than a vintage store. But for a good go-to, this classic Harley Davidson patch on Etsy is a good match. To get the rest of this Fashionisto’s look, snag this Flex Fleece hoodie from American Apparel, a good pair of jeans and a sturdy pair of hiking boots.

You don’t have to necessarily be in a cool club to rock the bike culture look, but if you want to dress the part it doesn’t hurt to go big! A great way of doing this is a customized vest like this Fashionisto.

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