Transitioning from preliminary education into your later academic career is an exciting time for many reasons. This change into university life is eagerly embraced as a new lifestyle full of new people, places and freedoms.

For some of us, this meant breaking free from a strict dress code of collard shirts, slacks and knee-length skirts. The “freedom of dress” happily replaces old uniforms with an individual style that represents who you are as a person, not necessarily the school you attend.

Fast-forward to spring 2014 and we have tartan as an on going trend, showing up in places far away from an elementary school courtyard. The iconic “All American” schoolgirl has officially moved out of the classroom and into the streets. We are seeing a modern day approach that is so clean, classic and chic, even Britney Spears couldn’t resist. *Cue, “Oops I Did It Again”*

This Fashionista is wearing a Zara tartan skort with a simple white tee and chambray button-down. Her outfit also welcomes the warm weather with a pair of gladiator sandals and vintage Ray-Bans.

Tartan is widely recognized when worn and it can be hard to create new looks using this fabric. This Fashionista’s outfit inspires us to pair tartan patterns with layering items that will keep things simple and laid back. This pattern can also translate into many other items, such as a pair of trousers, button-downs, dresses—you name it and someone has made it.

Before you know it, there will come a time when you want to go “back to school,” and what better way than with a little prep school inspiration. This trend will carry from season to season and bring forth exciting new looks into your wardrobe each time.

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