Within the herds of people going to the library in sweatpants, it can be hard to distinguish yourself from the other sleep deprived coffee addicts. But, from within this crowd, there are a few that stand out with their ability to keep their studying sessions fashion forward. To achieve this, scarves are your best friends and, lucky for me, I came across the perfect candidate. Scarves no longer are just a way to keep warm, they can be a decoration to your outfit and our Fashionista shows us just how to do this.

Through this Fashionista’s look you can see that it is possible to be both fashionable and study ready this fall. She’s made her look comfortable while maintaining the perfect fall attire. She creates this look by her relaxed clothing and a statement scarf. There are plenty of ways to utilize a scarf in the fall to survive both weather and wardrobe mishaps. It’s a quick fix if you feel a little dull or in this Fashionista’s case, it can become the focal point of an outfit. Yes, scarves have been here for forever, but make the look more modern and have it be a little oversized as you see here. Take some darker colored clothing and pair them with an eye-catching scarf in order to capture this same look.

The color of the scarf is right on-trend. Wools and classic patterns have made a return this season and your scarf is a perfect way to rock the trend. Hidden beneath the scarf is a black blouse, that when warmer weather permits should definitely be worn solo. It flows seamlessly underneath a cozy fall sweater, which should be a fixture in any closet. This weather is ideal for layering. She completes her outfit with timeless sunglasses and a great pair of leather boots, a must have on campus.

As you can tell, there’s no reason the library cannot see your style, so follow this Fashionista and ditch the study sweatpants and opt for a more collected, relaxed look. Keep the layers readily available and get yourself a statement scarf this fall.

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